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Undergraduate Thesis


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Ken Cyree

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This paper is an analysis of the leisure industry and more specifically, the golf industry. The paper examines the state of today’s economy through GDP, wages, and unemployment. During these discussions, the paper touches on how these factors affect the leisure and golf industries. The paper examines the performance of the golf industry over the past several years and discusses how the golf industry is working to grow the game despite the recent departure of some businesses and brands from the market. Further, alternative golf trends are discussed, as these trends are rapidly gaining popularity and exposing more people to the game. In addition to alternative golf trends, the effect of athlete sponsorships is discussed, as golf is fairly different from other sports in this regard. Finally, the financials of individual companies are discussed and compared to each other as well as to other companies in the leisure industry. It is found that the golf companies are performing fairly well, but the company that offers many non-golf products is performing the most consistently and brings in the most revenue.

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