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Victoria Dickinson

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This thesis contains a series of case studies completed throughout the 2017-2028 school year. These case studies divulge into theories and concepts within financial reporting and accounting. By completing this series of cases, I not only saw how transactions were made due to real-world scenarios, yet also learned why we make these journal entries. The purpose of this research was to become familiar with everyday accounting concepts and how to use them for more complex situations. This thesis will be quite different than most theses submitted to the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors college, as this covers a wide-range of topics rather than a specific, detailed topic. This wide-range of topics includes financial statements for various companies, research of various financial databases, and other financial theories. The method for this thesis was to complete each weekly case on my own ideas and research. Each case took time and thought, as I realized this was apart of a greater body of work. After completion of all these cases, this thesis is a revised compilation of all the researched information. All this work was completed in a group setting with fellow accounting classmates within the Honors College. This group setting helped me build off others’ discussion to further divulge into the subject I was researching. It also created lasting relationships with my fellow peers outside of the classroom, which I am quite thankful for.

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