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Undergraduate Thesis


Integrated Marketing Communication

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Charles Mitchell

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Through research and evaluation of current and experimental nonprofit marketing methodologies and practices designed to raise awareness and attract donors, this project’s purpose is to define and create a marketing campaign for a children’s home, named Hunters’ Home: A Home of Hope, in Namibia. Adopted and unique strategies will be identified to target the audience of hunters to help meet the specific needs of the home, which was founded by Marina Lamprecht, a person widely known and respected by participants in hunting and conservation. To create the marketing campaign, secondary and primary research was conducted. Secondary research was done through a literature review studying problems with child-headed homes and opposition to children’s homes, as well as marketing practices of nonprofits, successful marketing campaign of nonprofits, and information on the target audience. Primary research was collected in the form of a survey, four interviews, and a field study visit by the researcher to the Otjivero Community. The survey was distributed through Family Expeditions LLC to their clientele and interviewees were from the respondents. Key insights found from the research included the insight that hunters prioritize conservation in their charitable giving above humanitarian giving but have a desire to be a part of humanitarian charities, women are the primary donors to charitable organizations, and Facebook is the most important social media platform for nonprofits. This research produced the campaign title, “Outdoorsmen Embracing Community”, and campaign slogan, “Outdoorsmen Embracing Community Through Conservation at its Highest Calling.”

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