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Victoria Dickinson

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This work is a detailed compilation of accounting case studies that examines key accounting concepts and issues. Its purpose is to primarily explore accounting practices and methods by applying these concepts in order to analyze financial statements of existing companies. Each case study highlights a different accounting issue. This work also serves the purpose of exploring accounting concepts and technologies through research outside of case studies. Research was conducted in order to utilize the most current, accurate, and appropriate accounting principles and concepts in order to complete this work. Additionally, each topic presented throughout the series of case studies was completed in synchronization with an exploration of these concepts through Intermediate Accounting courses, so this thesis serves to educate the writer as well as the reader. The research conducted while completing this work facilitates a more thorough understanding of not only accounting concepts themselves, but also how these accounting concepts should be applied to companies’ financial statements. In addition, this work facilitates familiarization with financial statements and the footnotes to the statements, enhancing understanding of issues regarding reporting and disclosure. Overall, the exploration of accounting issues and concepts in this work provide a deeper understanding of accounting principles and ways in which to articulate and apply these principles.

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