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For my senior research thesis I decided that I would do research on various case studies that are in the field of accounting. Accounting is my major here at the University of Mississippi and I wanted to do research on a topic that is relevant to my major. I was provide a series of cases about all different subject in the accounting world. These topic were given to me by my instructor and I was to fo through each case thoroughly and answer all the questions. If I didn’t know the answer to the question or needed more insight on the subject I would use my intermediate Accounting book for more insights. Through the various case studies, I was able to go into more depth than my traditional accounting classes. The case studies also provided me with a real world application of accounting. These cases simulate real world accounting issues and I was able to apply my knowledge in real life situations. I am very thankful for doing this thesis. I have learn more about accounting through the case studies and has helped me in my classes. The cases have also helped me in the business world as well. During several of my internships, I have used the knowledge and experiences while doing this thesis and applied them to my job. I conclude that this thesis has helped me I ways that I didn’t realize going into the thesis.

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