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Undergraduate Thesis


Art and Art History

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Philip R. Jackson

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Have you ever walked through someplace too many times to count, and then one day it feels entirely new? The feeling of paying attention to an insignificant place for the first time interests me. We are constantly surrounded by buildings and trees and sidewalks and light poles, and don’t often take the time to look at them. In this series of paintings, I am taking the time to look at the overlooked. With The In-Betweens of Life, I am very particular about leaving my hand in each mark. Because the paintings are so small, the viewer is invited close to see them as each brushstroke realizes the subject. I hope that there is a conversation between my hand and the eye of the onlooker. My goal is to create familiarity with each place, as if it is somewhere specific yet universally everywhere. The painted mark identifies my connection with each place and serves as a record of my attempt to find the image within the painting. In order to find meaning with each place, the viewer’s point of view shifts to suggest a new location and a new experience. My subject of “in-between” places is a metaphor for the experiences we fail to notice because we are in the search of the extraordinary. These paintings are meant to create anticipation for a longing of something bigger to arise.

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