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Undergraduate Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Daniel Mattern

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The goal of this research was to create a new procedure to iodinate 4,4- biphenol using a ball miller. Iodination of 4,4-biphenol was first attempted in solution using electrophilic aromatic substitution. Several attempts were made to iodinate 4,4-biphenol, but the general insolubility of crude products inhibited progress. Interestingly, NMR analysis of the aqueous ammonia product suggested that 4,4-biphenol dimerized or polymerized with itself to make an ether. The exact mechanism by which the ether dimer was created is unknown, but the reaction may have occurred using a radical mechanism. Though the original goal of the project is left unmet, a future inquiry into the ether dimer could prove just as fascinating.

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