Honors Theses

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Undergraduate Thesis


Pharmacy Administration

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Meagan Rosenthal

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Pharmacists are capable and interested in providing a targeted weight management intervention addressing the high rates, and associated risk, of obesity. A series of in-depth phone interviews with Mississippi community pharmacists were used to gain their perspective on a systematic approach for delivering a weight and obesity management service to patients. Using qualitative content analysis, three themes were identified and analyzed. These themes included: pharmacist’s perceptions of patient’s needs, program structural components, and pharmacist’s implementational needs. These findings can be used to expand the role of pharmacists, serve as a model for the development of other consultation services, improve health outcomes for patients with obesity, and save the healthcare system money. This investigation of pharmacists’ perspectives on the development of a weight management service could be used to design a program to minimize implementation barriers and become sustainable for the long term.



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