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Undergraduate Thesis


Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Amal Dass

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The purpose of this thesis is to synthesize Au144(SCH2CH2Ph)60 using a two-step synthesis reaction, and then using this product to conduct a core conversion from Au144(SCH2CH2Ph)60 to Au99(SPh-CH3)42. The Au99(SPh-CH3)42 product will then be used to attempt to form crystals using five different crystal set-up methods. Au144(SCH2CH2Ph)60 is made with aliphatic thiolate ligands, and when it is placed in a mixture containing excess para-methyl benzenethiol, it undergoes a core-conversion to Au99(SPh-CH3)42. This is a relatively new nanoparticle, and it is being used to hopefully form crystals which can, in turn, give information about its structure. The crystallization was unsuccessful with the five different set-ups employed, but the Au99(SPh-CH3)42 structure is still being studied with the hopeful crystal structure being found soon.

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