Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 4-28-2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Center for Manufacturing Excellence

First Advisor

Mike Gill

Second Advisor

Jack McClurg

Third Advisor

Jeremy Griffin

Relational Format



This report shows how our Senior Center for Manufacturing Excellence team took our product, a controller and headset stand, from an idea into a mass producible product. We first identified the problem of headphones and controller storage and sought to solve it through our product design. Market research was performed to ensure that this would be a successful product in today’s marketplace. The trials of prototypes demonstrated what features could and could not be implemented into the design of the product. The group then designed a manufacturing plan for the product and found the projected market for the product. This allowed for the team to determine whether the product would be profitable and if the team should go to market with their controller and headset stand.



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