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Spring 5-9-2020

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Undergraduate Thesis


Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Felice Coles

Second Advisor

Marvin King

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John Samonds

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During speech and language assessment, speech language pathologists often utilize tools from sociolinguistics to differentiate between accent and dialect variation from actual speech or language impairments. Perceptual dialectology, is one of these tools. This method of research seeks to investigate the linguistic perspectives of various populations in specific situations (Montgomery, 2012, p. 638). To investigate the perspectives of college students, linguists, and speech-language pathologists surveys analyzed they perceptions of dialects in various settings and their backgrounds. Results from the surveys indicate linguists who participated have educational experience with dialects but not dialect assessments. While speech-language pathologists, have certification that insists speech-language pathologists consider cultural and linguistic diversity when administering services. Results indicate non-expert participants recognize the importance of dialects and accents. However, they do not have unified definitions for dialects or accents. This study suggest that a majority of non-expert participants require additional education and linguists and speech-language pathologist may not be the best body to study when analyzing dialect perception.

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