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Spring 4-28-2020

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Undergraduate Thesis

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Scott Fiene

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Joe Atkins

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Charlie Mitchell

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MPower is a leadership and diversity conference hosted annually by the UM Student Union for incoming freshmen. I conducted a meeting with University officials including the Dean of students providing concrete evidence for why the University of Mississippi should increase financial investment for the program. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, our scheduled stakeholder meeting had to be pushed to the fall semester as many departments are unable to collaborate on this project at this time. Therefore, this thesis paper has been adjusted accordingly. My thesis work will be used to collaborate with multiple campus departments to increase the sustainability of the program with the goal to expand the program so that all UM freshmen will have the opportunity to participate. Though this paper has an end page, the work of thesis does not and will continue to be used to reach its original goal.

The evidence provided is attributed to the work of the MPower students and staff, the School of Business Administration in conjunction with the work of Carnegie Dartlet, and the following University of Mississippi Departments: Department of Communication, Department of Marketing, Department of the Provost, and Department of Inclusion and Diversity.

This thesis will lay the foundation to show why, how, and where the University of Mississippi should invest time, resources, and monetary funding into the MPower Program. My thesis work will be used in the fall semester to help MPower achieve this goal of expansion with the goal of benefiting the University of Mississippi by increasing student engagement, retention rates, alumni engagement, and the overall brand of Ole Miss.

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