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Spring 5-9-2020

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Iveta Imre

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Debora Wenger

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Charles Mitchell

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Women Trailblazers In The Local Oxford Community is a collection of six women’s stories in six different fields and their unique paths to success, all showcased through written and visual elements in a multi-modal website. The goal of the project was to have a diverse compilation of women from a variety of backgrounds, ages, careers, and experiences. The trailblazers represented include a woman in the STEM field (science, technology, engineering, math) who is the only female on the biomedical engineering staff, a first generation college student who now holds the second highest position in higher education academia, a local woman entrepreneur with her own catering business, a woman who majored in art and graphic design in college whose path led her to an elected position in local politics, a woman who is from another country and began her experiences in America through playing collegiate basketball and made history several times along the way, and a woman who has premiered in numerous movies and television series and was crowned Miss Mississippi. Through each of the six stories a lesson can be taught, and readers are left with an insight into who these women are, and how they have become such successful trailblazers, constantly making the world a better place around them. Each woman shares her raw stories and enlightens and inspires others through her own personal experiences and words of wisdom.


Multi-modal Website URL: www.mstrailblazers.com

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