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Spring 5-5-2020

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Undergraduate Thesis


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Alexander Lopez

Second Advisor

Adam Smith

Third Advisor

Esteban Ureña-Benavides

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The Chemical engineering team was assigned by Landshark Inc to investigate the production of 30,000 tonnes/yr of pharmaceutical-grade acetone with a purity of 99.9 wt.% from the dehydrogenation of isopropanol (IPA). The team was tasked with determining the necessary process and unit operation criteria to ensure the economic feasibility of the proposed plant.

The major goal of this thesis is to provide a data comparison of the reactor in acetone production process when designed in Microsoft Excel and Pro/II. The first part of this thesis will introduce the base case briefly, transition into engineering optimizations and show the results found from the design process as well as some safety concerns to consider when designing these processes.

The purpose of this study was to divulge in greater detail the implications of assuming ideal gas conditions for the process as compared to a more rigorous equations of state. For this study, the reactor section of the plant was analyzed in detail using Microsoft Excel for the ideal gas assumption and Pro//II for more rigorous calculations. The results of this comparative study indicated that Pro//II produced a higher conversion of IPA of 92.3%. This study also showed that results from Pro//II increased profitability and efficiency while decreasing capital and operating costs.

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