Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis



First Advisor

Victoria Dickinson

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This thesis is composed of a series of case studies performed over the course of two semesters. Each individual case challenged me to look further into a different aspect of financial accounting and how it would look as a career. The culmination of the studies provided me with a more in-depth look of what accounting actually is in practice and gave insights into how the field might change in the near future.

The cases spanned a variety of topics. The first case, “A Tale of Two Cities”, had me compare two different cities and what beginning my career would look like in each of those geographic areas. Other cases, such as “Brexit: The Movie” and “Blockchain”, challenged me to consider the consequences of changes in the world and the impact they would have on today’s accountants. Some cases involved scenarios played out in the weekly class meetings that allowed me to conceptualize current issues in a different manner than through a more traditional research method. The mixture of topics and formats of the case studies allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the profession and become more familiar with topics on which I would not have otherwise spent much time.

The following cases allowed me to look more at the profession of accounting instead of the conceptual nature of the practice. This class, and, in turn, the thesis composed through it, allowed me the chance to think beyond the textbooks and formulas and apply the knowledge I have gained to the profession in a more realistic sense. I was challenged to not only understand the world of accounting but to analyze and consider the consequences of current events and how new and emerging technologies bring change. The thesis that follows documents the process I took in learning what it would mean to one day be an accountant.

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