Honors Theses

Date of Award

Summer 12-15-2020

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Legal Studies

First Advisor

Andre Liebenberg

Second Advisor

Stephen Fier

Third Advisor

John Samonds

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The purpose of this thesis is to perform a comparative analysis on how seven different countries (USA, South Africa, Germany, England, Canada, France and Singapore) organize their healthcare system to cope with the issue of undocumented immigrants and whether or not these systems in place were “fair.” The thesis will also explore the possible ways the United States could change to be more inclusive and fairer in the world of healthcare and health insurance for the undocumented immigrant. A study on what fairness means both in ethical and economical terms is done to suggest a new basis of a fair system towards undocumented immigrants. A comparative analysis is performed to find the different style of healthcare systems the seven countries listed above countries have, how they are funded, and what the policy for the undocumented immigrants is for these different policies. In the view of having the fairest healthcare system pertaining to undocumented immigrants, the French outdid the other six countries. The other countries either did not have a policy for undocumented immigrants, or only had limited emergency care and services available.

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