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Spring 4-30-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Victoria Dickinson

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Mark Wilder

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This thesis compiles eleven case studies related to the modern economic and professional environment as they relate to accounting. Each case was completed over the course of one week and describes the challenges, details, and outcomes related to the issue at hand. Accounting is a broad and intricate field that intertwines business, the economy, the government, and the public. Investigating many of the issues that an accountant may face before entering a career in accountant has proven to be very beneficial in understanding the expansiveness of the work. Whether having a career in bookkeeping, audit, tax, advisory, or finance, accountants must be well-versed in ethics, business topics, modern technology, and governmental proceedings to stay successful. This thesis demonstrates an understanding of each of these topics. Though many of the cases explore topics that will become either much more advanced or outdated, the skills and critical thinking involved in completing these cases served as preparation for a successful career in accounting.

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