Honors Theses

Date of Award


Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Philosophy and Religion

First Advisor

Neil A. Manson

Second Advisor

Robert W. Barnard

Third Advisor

Steven C. Skultety

Relational Format



This thesis handles narrative approaches to conspiracy theory. It provides an overview of conspiracy theory and narrative before affirming a relationship between the two. It then introduces Fenster’s work on conspiracy narrative before engaging with the considerations therein. After discussing the tradition of visualizing narrative structure, it applies these practices to conspiracy narrative. This application allows for a discussion of recent innovations within conspiracy narrative. By using the QAnon as a case study, the paper investigates the emergence of protagonism and non-narrativism within the genre. Ultimately, this investigation suggests that contemporary conspiracy narrative is both better suited to the modern media landscape and better equipped to overcome the problems that have long plagued conspiracy theories.



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