Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 4-27-2021

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Modern Languages

First Advisor

Sara Wellman

Second Advisor

Anne Quinney

Third Advisor

Asmaa Shehata

Relational Format



Feminism is the advocacy for gender equality typically through the propagation of women’s rights. Feminism goes back as far as the human race, and it is constantly evolving. The waves of feminism have been well documented and studied, but as time goes on, there is always more research to be done on modern feminism. The MeToo movement became popularized in 2017 and is still settling into history. It is still not fully researched or documented, and its effects on society are still developing. This thesis seeks to contribute to the understanding of the MeToo movement and its global effects.

Specifically, this thesis looks at the effects of the MeToo movement from the perspective of a feminist organization in France. In order to answer the question of how the MeToo movement affected feminism from the perspective of feminist organizations, I will interview a woman who works for feminist organizations to get her primary source experience on how feminism has changed specifically in France but also on a global stage. First, this thesis will delve into the relevant history of feminism and the MeToo movement as well as the French BalanceTonPorc movement. Then, it will discuss the interviews and highlight what themes come up. Finally, it will conclude with what can be ascertained from this interview and how it can affect the future of feminism.



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