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Spring 5-1-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Richard Raspet

Second Advisor

Farhad Farzbod

Third Advisor

Likun Zhang

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Wind causes local pressure fluctuations over the ground. The pressure waves couples with the ground and transmits into the ground as seismic waves. The seismic wave, in turn, causes ground motion. Naderyan et al. [9] developed a prediction of the ground displacements spectra from the measured ground properties and predicted pressure and shear stress at the ground surface. Naderyan modeled the ground as a linearly elastic half space bounded by an infinite plane on one side. The quasi-static model for predicting displacement components in the ground is effective for the vertical component of the displacement response, but the model significantly underpredicted the horizontal component. In this paper, the displacement response of a half space bounded by a low shear strength surface layer and a high compression speed layer at 0.5 m depth is investigated. The addition of a water-saturated layer as the bottom half space showed an improved prediction in the horizontal displacement of the ground.. The inhomogeneity of the ground was modeled by subdividing the intermediate layer between the low shear velocity layer and a water table to ten discrete layers with randomly varying parameters. Introducing inhomogeneity in the ground model did not improve the prediction for the displacement response of the ground.

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