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Spring 5-1-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Nikki Reinemann

Second Advisor

Brenda Prager

Third Advisor

Adam Smith

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Bioreactors are utilized in many industries, such as the food, alternative fuel, and pharmaceutical industries, to design and manufacture products. Unlike the similar chemical batch reactors utilized in many chemical processing facilities, bioreactor utilization requires engineers to consider a wider range of operating conditions and parameters. This results in a more complex reaction system and controls network. Due to this, it is imperative for chemical and biomedical engineering students to not only understand the theory surrounding these reactor systems, but also understand how to properly design and perform operating procedures with these systems. Thus, it was determined to create an undergraduate laboratory for the utilization of a stirred-tank, jacketed bioreactor to provide the necessary hands-on utilization of this unit operations. A bioreactor unit was completed for the utilization in the undergraduate laboratory. Additionally, a laboratory manual, outlining the operating procedures, safety considerations, and deliverables in the laboratory, was completed. It was determined that the completed bioreactor unit and laboratory manual could be utilized to perform a bioreactor laboratory experiment. Additionally, it was determined that, after the collection of baseline data for the bioreactor, the laboratory could be implemented into the undergraduate curriculum at the discretion of the laboratory instructors.

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