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Spring 5-2-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis



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John Lobur

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Joshua First

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Molly Pasco-Pranger

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This thesis examines the influence of classical architectural styles and principles on architectural projects in Germany during the Third Reich. My research focuses on major projects completed by the state and does not delve into private buildings or other structures. All of the data was gathered from scholarly publications of repute and photographs to determine how Adolf Hitler’s regime utilized Greek and Roman stylistic elements in an attempt to revive the power and culture of Germany during a time of strife, as well as how Nazi architecture reflected Hitler’s personal ambition as dictator. Additionally, the thesis doubles as an expansion of my classics Capstone project completed in the fall of 2020. Upon examination of many of Germany’s most prominent undertakings during the 1930s and 40s, it is apparent that the Nazi obsession with Greco-Roman architecture stems mostly from Hitler individually, and that Hitler’s love of classical visual arts was built the as propaganda to evoke admiration and enthusiasm for a new leader and a new form of government. People all over the world have interpreted classical architecture in many different ways, but the perpetual controversy over the perceived connection between far-right authoritarianism and classical imagery (largely caused by the NSDAP’s undertakings) suggests that Hitler’s architectural campaigns have had long-term social and cultural effects throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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