Honors Theses

Date of Award

Fall 4-30-2021

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Tejas Pandya

Second Advisor

Taiho Yeom

Third Advisor

Wen Wu

Relational Format



Almost all designs start with a design requirement. These may be weight, volume, clearance, and even custom calculations. Finding a solution that meets these requirements often involves tedious and time-consuming iterations. Once the solution has been found, the design must be optimized to find the best possible solution. Finding the ‘best possible design’ requires substantial time and effort dedicated to iterating and analyzing the potential model solutions. This is where Parametric design comes into play. The Parametric design aids in specifying the key parameters of the design and makes changes interactively, with the model updating automatically. The purpose of this project was to implement Parameters to the design of the flywheel, which powers a punch press. A punch press is a machine that is used to punch a hole on a piece of material by applying pressure to a die in which the workplace is held. The design of flywheel varies with its application. Depending on its application, a flywheel’s design must be optimized. The project employs a flywheel with a punch press, so the flywheel needs to be matched according to the work expected, the amount of energy needed at a given rate to accomplish the machining operation, and the size and the number of holes punched by the press. The design was performed with the help of 3D Solid Modeling software CREO Parametric 7.0. More specifically, the behavioral modeling feature was used. An Excel sheet containing all the parameters was linked with CREO and changing the input values in Excel updated the model. Thus, with the help of CREO, a feasible design of the flywheel was drafted. Along with this, several shapes of flywheel were studied and compared to find the best shape for the press.



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