Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2021

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Allied Health Studies

First Advisor

Melinda Valliant

Second Advisor

Emmy Parkes

Third Advisor

Kathy Knight

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A common struggle for many young adults is the infamous acne vulgaris. Americans spend millions of dollars on acne medication, treatments, and dermatology and cosmetic visits each year. One area that is greatly lacking in research is the relation of nutrition and facial skin appearance. In clinical settings this topic is not commonly discussed, but evidence shows diet changes could greatly benefit those struggling with acne. The present study sought to investigate the knowledge of college students regarding various food and beverage items and facial skin appearance by electronically distributing a self-report survey to a sample of 385 college students at the University of Mississippi. The survey consisted of fifteen questions regarding gender, age, food items or supplements, beliefs about what can negatively affect facial skin appearance, the importance of facial skin appearance and from whom they received their information. The results of the study revealed several gaps between the beliefs of students and the literature findings regarding the impact of various food items on facial skin appearance. These gaps include dairy’s effect on facial skin appearance, water intake and facial skin hydration levels, processed foods or salty foods effects on facial skin appearance and other food items.

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