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Undergraduate Thesis


Public Policy Leadership

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Weixing Chen

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Nationalist movements internationally are negatively affecting economic integration around the world. South American trade blocs must consider the risks posed by these threats in order to determine action that needs to be taken in the future. Through examining the collective body of literature on the function, motivations, and historical development of economic integration, we can determine the current status of these organizations in South America. Then, the origin and consequences of current nationalist movements will be outlined. These organizations, such as MERCOSUR, CAN, LAIA, and the Pacific Alliance, can finally be addressed, as to what their specific risks are and potential consequences. This is best served by including recent trends of these nationalist movements, of economic integration, and the potential for future movements. The research conducted should serve as an indicator of the risks these markets face, and the steps they could take in the future to be face these risks.



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