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Spring 4-30-2021

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Noa Valcarcel

Second Advisor

Jason Paris

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Saumen Chakraborty

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This thesis is a systematic literature review that will articulate the need for psychedelics as a treatment for several mental illnesses and ailments. Starting with the origins of psychedelics used in South American religious ceremonies and their development and early trials in the mid 20th century as well as the legal battles of psychedelics in American society. Additionally, this thesis examines the chemical structure, pharmacology, and safety of psychedelics. An in-depth examination of psychedelics as a therapy for treatment-resistant depression, depression and anxiety as a result of a cancer diagnosis, nicotine addiction and alcoholism, OCD, PTSD, and cluster headaches will be conducted as well as potential therapeutic uses for treating inflammation and the possibility of using psychedelics for tissue regeneration. Present-day studies that are currently in Phase 2 and Phase 3 of trials will also be explored including the contemporary challenges psychedelics face as becoming a part of modern society and their mainstream use as a therapy for mental illnesses.

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