Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2021

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Communication Sciences and Disorders

First Advisor

Tossi Ikuta

Second Advisor

Gregory Snyder

Third Advisor

Peter Grandjean

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This thesis was conducted to investigate further the correlation between the ROBO1 gene and Developmental Dyslexia (DD). DD is when a person is deficient in acquiring literary proficiency even though there is not an intellectual deficit or lack of opportunity to obtain literary skills in an educational environment. Persons with DD are characterized as having difficulties with word recognition, reading fluency, poor spelling, and basic decoding skills. There are several genes that have been evaluated in previous studies as indicators of DD: KIAA0319, DCDC2, DIP2A, and ROBO1. This study is focused on identifying previous published studies that examined specifically the correlation of the ROBO1 gene and DD to summarize those findings to determine if there is a cumulative correlation of findings supporting the ROBO1 gene as an indicator for DD. The results of this study can be used to further target specific ROBO1 SNP markers that through the cumulative data presented in this study have indicated a pattern of correlation for DD.

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