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Samir Husni

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This thesis is the result of research completed in the Journalism 401 and Journalism 501 courses. In Journalism 401 I came up with my own magazine concept, researched its potential in the marketplace, and formulated a business plan. This plan includes information about my magazine concept, its potential competition, a wish list of advertisers, and a circulation plan. In 501,1 spent months designing a 68-page prototype of Magic Hour, my photography magazine. I created a logo, a cover page, a table of contents, ten departments, two columns, and four feature stories for the magazine. The goal of this project was to learn valuable information about the process of creating a magazine, from idea to implementation, and in the process to fine-tune skills in research, magazine design, and marketing. The outcome of researching the photography magazine marketplace was finding a niche for Magic Hour. To this niche, I have tailored my unique concept and my detailed plan for executing the launch of the magazine. IV

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