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Undergraduate Thesis


Social Work

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Jo Ann O'Quin

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The portrait of the traditional American family is changing. The emergence of single parent households and families built on two careers instead of one mark the more typical reminders of the developing family sphere. However, another broad trend has taken shape over the past twenty years as the result of a wide realm of societal shifts. The role of the grandparent in many modem families has been transformed from distant relative to primary caregiver, from grandparent to parent. Intergenerational households more than the once thought temporary needs, but rather, more often speak of long term commitments. The following thesis investigates the trend of grandparent caregivers, exploring the demographics of the growing population, as well as the wide range of implications attached to parenting for the second time as an older adult. Additionally, a needs assessment for the local area, Lafayette and surrounding counties, gives insight into both the existing pillars of support and needed services, as stated by grandparents raising grandchildren themselves. Lastly, documentation of the development of the “Grand” Parents as Caregivers Network in Oxford, MS displays the impact of serving a community in need of support services.

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