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Integrated Marketing Communication

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Victoria Bush

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(The effects of political communication has been a topic in which many political communication researchers have devoted attention. In this digital age, the role of the Internet has a great effect on the political process that people may experience during campaign times. To understand how various forms of political communication affect the political process, one must understand what political communication is and how political communication has evolved into the digital age. Furthermore, to understand these effects, specific target segments should be analyzed separately. This study explores the evolution of political communication from the election of 1952 to the present, specifically investigating how young voters, ages 18 to 24, perceive political communication. Young people, who have the greatest presence on the Internet, but the lowest voter turnout rate, peiplexing generation to analyze. Using a focus group and two online surveys, the media habits, media consumption rates, and perceptions of various sources of political communication among young people were measured. From the results of the research, the Model of Interactive Political Communication Online was developed to illustrate the political process that young people may experience beginning with exposure to political information online to online political discussion to political engagement and action. The final survey results support the idea that political discussion online is a significant mediator between media stimuli and behavioral action among young people.] are a

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