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Tristan Denley

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My journey with design cannot be adequately studied without a deeper understanding of my passion for freedom. Through this paper, my use of the word “freedom ’ represents breaking free from bondage. Poverty is bondage. Homelessness is bondage. Slavery is bondage. Radically, I also choose to consider apathy a bondage. During my time at The University of Mississippi, one of the ways I have grown as a graphic artist is through my pursuit to make a difference. Pairing artistic techniques with help others, I have discovered design’s unique ability to initiate action. Speaking louder than words, design can convey messages that become the footprints of a journey towards freedom. a motivation to I am passionionate about understanding people, showing them love, and extending hope into their lives. Design has become a megaphone by which I have been able to speak. Through design, I can communicate, inform, and encourage others into action. The combination of a bondage-breaking passion and a deep love for art have inspired me to make a difference through design.

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