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Sheri Rieth

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My thesis consists of a series of mixed media sculptures exaggeratedly depicting the affects of technology that allows humans to instantly communicate with one another, such as the social networking tool, Facebook. My works deal with the idea of a preoccupation with creating an image of oneself to project to other people. I wanted to explore how now with the ability to instantly update one another on what is happening in our everyday lives, every mundane detail becomes important and more important situations we deal with become less so. My work is similar to that of the artist Red Grooms and reflects similar ideas to the work of Jim Henson. My sculptures are dioramas, a term originally coined by Jacques Louis Daguerre. Each diorama is either a computer or a television, the devices used for instantly communicating and projecting reflections of reality. I used crude materials such as cardboard and duct tape to create my dioramas. I believe that the impermanence of these materials sheds light on the brevity of our focus on any I don’t intend to cast any judgment. I believe that I take part in what is occurring in my generation, the Look-At-Me generation, as much as the next member. 1 want to pose questions such as, how are websites like Facebook and YouTube and the technological capabilities we have using iPhones, etc, affecting us? My hope is that my one issue. dioramas raise this question and more.

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