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Gary Glick

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Belongingness has been presented in previous research as a fundamental need in which humans are motivated to seek out meaningful social interactions and contexts. In the current study, we sought to build on existing research examining belongingness in the university, by focusing on specific contexts in which first-year students are likely to meet belongingness needs. Participants in the current study comprised a sample of 299 University of Mississippi undergraduate, first-year students (23% male, 77% female). The study included seven questionnaires to measure the extent in which belongingness is related to well-being during the transition to college. The results of this study reveal significant links between belongingness and well-being (e.g., loneliness, depression) during the first semester in college. Moreover, the present results also highlight aspects of participants' home lives (e.g., homesickness, missing old friends, helicopter parents) that may impede meeting belongingness needs.

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