Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2022

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis



First Advisor

Victoria Dickinson

Second Advisor

W. Mark Wilder

Relational Format



This work was conducted over the course of my junior year of college. I was a part of Dr. Victoria Dickinson’s accounting practicum course. Over the first semester of thiscourse, we spent each week writing papers pertaining to various topics, including potential cities where we were interested in interning, relevant news topics, and relevant accounting matters, to name a few. We spent time researching and increasing our knowledge about different subject matters. We also gained greater expertise in Excel, as we completed a mastery course one week during the class. During the second semester, we spent much of our time working in groups and attempting to understand the work of accountants. During our case work, we were able to exercise our previous knowledge combined with our new findings to offer audit, tax, and consulting services to our chosen client. Finally, we participated in a case competition where we presented the culmination of our work to different accounting firms. We also had the pleasure of listening to various speakers representing different accounting firms over the course of both semesters; reflections on these speakers are also included in this thesis. This brought about multiple opportunities to network with firm members, ask questions, and get a window into a career in accounting. This year-long project became so much more to me than mundane work. It provoked thought, challenged my beliefs and previous knowledge, invited me to tackle topics that might have seemed out of reach prior, and brought to light so much of the accounting world I had yet to encounter. I gained much from this class and lost little, if any. Experience, as challenging and rigorous as it might be, brings wisdom and growth, of which this course is no exception.

Available for download on Thursday, April 17, 2025