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Victoria Dickinson

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Mark Wilder

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The following thesis contains a collection of ten accounting case studies that were written and directed under the advisement of Dr. Victoria Dickinson during the enrollment of Honors Accountancy 420. Dr. Dickinson presented us with unique prompts for each case study and guided our research as we dove into the professional world of accounting standards in America today. Five of my cases specifically correlate to The Coca-Cola Company, which my case competition team selected to research as we devised tax, audit, and advisory plans to better the company. We presented our findings to a panel of accounting professionals from numerous firms that were personally invited by Dr. Dickinson to attend our defense in March of 2021. The remaining five case studies cover a variety of topics that include: current financial statement concepts, an in-depth analysis of cities in which to begin a career, corporate tax rates, the 2008 Financial Crisis, and a personal account of my cousin’s life as a certified public accountant. Through my findings, I discovered a deeper passion for accounting and a thirst for knowledge outside of the classroom. I completed this course as a junior during the 2020-2021 academic school year in order to fulfill the requirements of the Sally McDonell Barksdale Honors College Accounting Practicum.

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