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Spring 5-7-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis


Political Science

First Advisor

Brian Boutwell

Second Advisor

Abigail Novak

Third Advisor

Miles Armaly

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Childhood abuse and neglect are highly deleterious experiences that a number of children continue to encounter. The purpose of the current discussion is to examine the impact of childhood abuse and neglect on the growth and development of self-control in early childhood. In service of this goal, several methods were employed, including a review of the historical and current research on the development of self-control. In addition to this, specific scientific theories and their advancements were analyzed to provide further insight into the connection between poor impulse regulation (and decision-making) and downstream linkages with criminal offending. Perhaps not surprisingly, evidence continues to accumulate suggesting that childhood abuse and neglect exerts a negative influence on the development of self-control, which has consistently emerged as a causal factor in the genesis of criminal offending. Several recommendations are made in the concluding chapter to address gaps in the current knowledge when it comes to the connection between low self-control from exposure to adverse childhood experiences and criminal offending.


D'Andre Walker was a fourth reader for this research.

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