Honors Theses

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Spring 5-8-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis


Public Policy Leadership

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Milorad Novicevic

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In today’s volatile business environment, organizations are increasingly facing multiple threats that may engender crises of varying scope and intensity. While organizational leaders are intensifying their efforts to understand the nature of crises, there is no consensus in the academic community over the conceptualization of crises. In past studies, researchers have conceptualized a crisis either as an event or a process. This conceptualization is grounded in the assumption that the leader is an objective observer and actor in reaction to a crisis. By analyzing my transcribed interviews of the crisis leaders at Mississippi Chemical Corporation, I have identified two additional conceptualizations of crisis that revealed the leader can also have a subjective view of the crisis, which is developed to compete proactively with the claims of other actors, or to deny the crisis existence. Based on these findings, and inspired by Spector (2019)'s framework, I have developed a typology of the leader’s view of the crisis.

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