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Spring 5-7-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis


General Studies

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Carol Britson

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Carla Carr

Third Advisor

Gregg Roman

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Visual spatial skills are an individual’s ability to mentally and manipulate the shapes, forms and positions of objects. Spatial skills are necessary for adequate learning in many settings. Few studies have assessed spatial skills compared to success in Anatomy and Physiology in undergraduate students. Most students in this course are on a health profession track. Due to the increasing health care demands and need for competent health care professionals, this study assesses the innate spatial skill ability in students and acquired additional learned spatial skills. This study tests 17 students with the paper-folding test, blank page test, and two surveys regarding each test. There was a total of three trials which had a different blank page test each trial. Paper-folding mean scores increased across trials and blank page mean scores decreased across trials. There was a significant interaction effect between initial scores of each test (score 1) and the trial and test that was given. (F = 26.68; df = 2; P < 0.001). Mean difference blank page scores also improved overtime and showed a significant effect across trials (F = 5.4; df = 2; P = 0.009). Since there is a necessity for competent health professionals, it is important to assess the spatial skills of undergraduate students and compare these skills to their success in A&P.

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