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The focus of this research study was to analyze the product realization cycle, which is the process of creating, refining, manufacturing, and mass-producing a product that both fulfills customer needs and maximizes profit. This was done by utilizing the product realization life cycle to generate a product for potential customers in the University of Mississippi, city of Oxford, and Lafayette County area. The product to be researched was a home docking and organizational stand for a user's personal items like a phone, watch, keys, wallet, and other necessities. First, the conceptual design process was followed to develop customer needs and determine how these translate to product features and functionality. These requirements were then used to develop a draft product that could be manufactured with resources and equipment available to the Center of Manufacturing Excellence, an on-campus facility with a fully-equipped factory floor. Marketing and financial considerations were considered at each step of the design process and a best concept was refined to fulfill most, if not all, customer requirements. The second aspect of this research study was optimizing the product and its manufacturing process so that it could produce the maximum amount of profit with the least amount of waste or non-value-added activity and material while staying ahead of lead times required by simulated customer bases. Improvements were made as necessary to establish the best process flow and layout for the product.

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