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Spring 5-7-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis


Croft Institute for International Studies

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Jason Klodt

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María Otero

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Ian Gowan

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This thesis is an examination of the origins of the Basque Nationalist movement that originated in the late nineteenth century, the Spanish Civil War that followed, and how a dictatorial regime damaged a minority autonomous region, the Basque Country. Within this scope, a singular, unique musical and artistic collective contributed efforts in preserving and growing Basque culture, a culture that had been refined to place focus on nationalistic ideals, unifying traditions, Euskera, and the nation of Euskadi. Ez Dok Amairu, the focus of this thesis, was a short-lived artistic group that concentrated on producing art, literature, and music (among other mediums) in Euskera. With clear inspirations from previous and existing Basque cultural institutions, movements, and history, Ez Dok Amairu nurtured a renewed interest and use of Euskera in the Basque country, even with the mitigating factors of the Franco regime, which included violence, censorship, and erasure. Through the analysis of some of their musical compositions and the development of the movement itself, this thesis argues that Ez Dok Amairu was successful in establishing linguistic foundations for Euskera through its music, while also the artistic works it produced acted as a tool for collectivization and celebration of Basque people during one of the most brutal periods of history in Spain and the Basque Country.

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