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Spring 5-5-2022

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Timothy Yenter

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In the first chapter, I discussed three of the major issues in a community pharmacy which are rude customers, phones, and shorter hours. Technicians have to deal with very opinionated customers who can come off as insolent. The phones are a popular mode of communication for both the patients and physicians but that doesn’t account for the added demands it places on pharmacy workers. Lastly, the pharmacy has experienced later openings with earlier closings that have left filled queues and unhappy customers. The next chapter, interpersonal dynamic, takes a deeper look into how various roles of the pharmacy engage with one another. It underlines how the patient-to pharmacist role is drastically different from the patient to technician relationship. Chapter three is devoted to insurance. Health insurance is typically the cause of a lot of problems regarding filling prescriptions because everyone doesn’t have the same economic freedoms. In the following chapter, I discuss inequalities based on the disadvantages of living in rural Mississippi. The fifth chapter is focused solely on what some of the realities are for pharmacy technicians since what customers see is what they assume to be the truth. The final chapter serves as a reflection of everything I have learned during my time as a pharmacy technician. The good and the bad have both played major roles in shaping the kind of healthcare professional I aim to be in the future.

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