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Spring 5-12-2023

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Undergraduate Thesis


Biomedical Engineering

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Troy Drewry

Second Advisor

Mirela Ovreiu

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Carol Britson

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While we do not often think about it, taking a shower is a privilege. Standing in the hot water, cleaning off after a long day outdoors, and taking a moment to simply relax is an experience that most people in the U.S. have participated in. However, about 1.4 million Americans do not have this luxury3. Lower extremity amputees have long been advised to shower while seated for their safety. This population is unable to experience the simple independence that accompanies standing in the shower. Despite the growing rate of amputations each year, no products are currently available on the market to solve this problem. For this reason, Moose Medical designed the Antler: an adjustable orthopedic device to allow lower limb amputees the freedom to shower how they want to. Development of this device began in September 2022, and has evolved into a business, a patent application, and the ability to shower while standing for a fellow Ole Miss student. As we went through the medical device design and development process, much thought, care, and consideration was placed into every bit of this project. This paper serves as a summary and timeline of the evolution of the Antler through each step of the process.

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