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Spring 5-12-2023

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Undergraduate Thesis



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Sam Cousley

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Matthew Henriksson

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Allyn Cascio

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The objective of this thesis is to discuss the SWOT analysis and PEST analysis of Disney Cruise Line and to provide recommendations. The SWOT analysis involves identifying the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, while the PEST analysis focuses on analyzing external factors that could impact the company's success such as political economic, sociocultural, and technological factors. The SWOT analysis highlights the opportunities for the company to expand into new destinations, form partnerships and acquisitions, and capitalize on industry growth, while also identifying the threats of competition, changing consumer preferences, and economic downturns. The strengths of the company include its brand recognition, cruise options, and exceptional customer service, while its weaknesses are limited destinations, high prices, and being reliant on the cruise industry. The thesis provides recommendations for the company based on each of these factors, including expanding into new destinations, developing lower-priced packages, and using exceptional customer service to combat competition. The PEST analysis provides recommendations in four areas, including prioritizing safety and environmental protection, complying with labor laws, addressing geopolitical issues, and communicating effectively with guests for safety reasons. The thesis concludes that the most effective strategy will depend on the company's specific situation and goals.

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