Honors Theses

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Spring 5-10-2023

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Undergraduate Thesis


Center for Manufacturing Excellence

First Advisor

Mike Gill

Second Advisor

Rick Hollander

Third Advisor

Denise Theobald Roberts

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The purpose of this thesis was to create a bumper plate organizer from concept to final production run to simulate what it would be like to create a new product. The entire Center for Manufacturing Excellence coursework led up to this moment where all of the coursework could be put into practical use. The project began in Spring 2022 and finished in Fall 2022. The team was made of one mechanical engineering major, one civil engineering major, one biology major, one computer science major, and one accounting major. My main focus in this project was on the product design and assembly design of the product. Much of this work was done using the help of 3-D modeling and designing the product in a way that could be easily assembled. The major goal of this project was to create a final production run that would be a simulation of what workers would do if this product was brought to market and how it would be created. From aspects of engineering, accounting, marketing, and manufacturing, the project needed to be analyzed and try to survive what it takes to be a real product. This project started with a simple concept from the South Campus Recreational Center where multiple designs were considered, all of which were scrapped, and then a different approach was taken to sell this product to home gym users. From there, a final design concept was chosen and revised to create the current product. A prototype was made, and then machining processes could be chosen and perfected. The final production run saw that one unit will come off an assembly line every 95 seconds. Using this, a costs analysis was performed to determine this product would probably not survive. This product could not only be used for home gyms but also could be modified for use in. This project shows how an industry should design and manufacture a new product, and that products can not only be made for profit but also to better communities. The biggest lesson learned from this project is how to solve problems. Around every corner, an issue awaits time and effort.

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