Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-12-2023

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Center for Manufacturing Excellence

First Advisor

Eddie Carr

Second Advisor

Jack McClurg

Third Advisor

Mike Gill

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This report focuses on the development, design, and manufacturing of the Adjustable Lounge Chair, a high-end poolside lounge chair created to address un-met customer demand in the market. The investigation began with a market analysis to identify sought-after features not currently offered by competitors' products. This analysis drove the design of the chair, which was developed using CAD software, followed by the construction of a physical prototype to validate the concept.

The chair's innovative features include adjustable lumbar support and chair height, as well as a removable face-piece that enables users to comfortably lie prone without straining their necks. These unique elements were carefully integrated into the design to ensure both comfort and functionality.

The manufacturing process was designed and optimized to ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to scale production as demand grows. This process included procuring raw materials, converting them into parts, and assembling them into the final product. Following an initial production run, we conducted an in-depth analysis of waste, labor, and material costs to identify areas for improvement. Adjustments were made to the process, resulting in reduced time, labor, and material costs for subsequent production runs.

In addition to the successfully developed product and optimized manufacturing process, this study also presents multiple cost forecasts to provide insight into potential growth opportunities. These projections account for such factors as market demand, production efficiency, and the competitive landscape, offering valuable information for future business planning and decision-making.

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