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Carrie V. Smith

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In this study we investigated if there is a relationship between the presence of plants in the classroom and student success and well-being. Past research has found that the presence of plants in the workplace and home improves attention capacity, satisfaction, well-being, affect, fatigue levels, and social connectedness. Participants were 177 college freshmen in an honors discussion-based course. These classes were located in one of two nearly identical classrooms, with the differentiating factor being the presence of two flower pots on plant stands with Snake Plants and Heart Leaf Philodendrons. The participants completed a paper-based survey that assessed classroom behavior, academic engagement, satisfaction, motivational beliefs of self-efficacy, attention capacity, and positive and negative affect. This study found that the presence of plants in the classroom significantly and positively influenced student classroom behaviors (t(130) = -2.150, p = .033). This indicates that the presence of plants is positive for social connectedness and peer engagement. This is an important finding for a discussion-based course as it facilitates the cohesion of the classroom. Research should continue to investigate these findings and take into account our recommendations for future research.

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