Honors Theses

Date of Award

Spring 5-12-2023

Document Type

Undergraduate Thesis


Business Administration

First Advisor

Bonnie Van Ness

Second Advisor

Ken Cyree

Third Advisor

Arup Ganguly

Relational Format



This thesis is based on a submission with group members in the 2023 Case Study Competition for the Conference of State Bank Supervisors. This thesis includes additional background information not included in the original competition paper in order to clarify the competition standards and goal of the paper. This thesis evaluates First National Bank of Clarksdale with respect to two areas: financial analysis, which evaluates earnings performance, loan portfolio composition, asset growth, capital levels, and liquidity of the bank; and strategy, which includes staffing, succession, training, and technology strategies instituted by bank management. Data from the bank’s Uniform Bank Performance Report and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 10-K filing, together with the strategic management planning and storytelling outlined in interviews with bank management, offer robust insight to the effectiveness of First National Bank of Clarksdale in warding off takeover and preserving its community bank business model. Collectively, the quantitative and qualitative data gathered suggest that FNB Clarksdale is at risk for takeover if it continues to underperform its peers.



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