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Undergraduate Thesis



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Kathleen Wickham

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Research reveals that today's nonprofit organizations have shifted their longtime marketing efforts away from Baby Boomers to target the younger Millennial and Generation Z audience. In their effort to reach the new audiences, nonprofits have been forced to change their marketing strategies, including the adoption of new and more effective social networking media. Despite their shift in focus, nonprofits remain in a battle for funds with their for-profit competition. Using past and present nonprofit marketing strategies, this thesis isolates the difference between nonprofits and for-profits and identifies the influence that nonprofits have on society today. It further analyzes the current marketing strategies used by nonprofit organizations to remain competitive and, in some cases, survive. Its purpose is to identify the different marketing techniques between small and large nonprofits and how effective the techniques are in targeting Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Generation Z. St. Jude Children's Research Graduate Program of Biomedical Sciences in Memphis, Tennessee, and LovePacks in Oxford, Mississippi, were chosen to develop marketing campaigns to increase the public's awareness of their respective missions and develop material that each can use to implement a marketing plan. The research marketing campaigns include mass media marketing created by the researcher. This study identified what differences lie between the two, recognized the shift in marketing both have seen throughout the years, and what ways they will shift when the target audience changes as well. Insights were gained on how multiple generations view and interact with local and national nonprofits short-term and long-term.



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