Honors Theses

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Undergraduate Thesis


Business Administration

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Jason Lortie

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Using a qualitative approach, I examined the relationship between formal recruitment and selection practices and the success of a mass hiring event in a small and medium sized enterprise (SME). For the purpose of my study, I will use prominent research in order to examine small and medium enterprises recruitment and selection processes and translate these findings to a mass hiring event with recruitment and selection. My literature review will help guide findings based on the qualitative data I collected. Data was drawn from observation, formal and informal interviews with key individuals within the company, and document analysis. A case study was used in order to collect as detailed information about the subject of the study as possible. I show that formal recruitment and selection human resource management (HRM) processes facilitate the success of a mass hiring event. I also show that success of a firm can be measured in different ways. I show that a mass hiring event increases retention, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. Finally, I demonstrate that a successful mass hiring event mediates the relationship between formal human resources and retention, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction. I conclude by summarizing the findings in the discussion and conclusion section.



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