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Undergraduate Thesis



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Owens Alexander

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This thesis will highlight the strategies and tactics used to promote and launch software startup Myra Mirrors' first consumer product, Myra mini, a luxury home smart mirror. Myra mini is a real product that is currently in the prototyping phase of development and will be launched this summer on the crowd funding site Kickstarter. While the smart home industry has been reported to have incredible potential, it has failed as of yet to reach mass market penetration. The industry has seen a great deal of criticism for producing products that are over priced and difficult to install and sync with other devices. The vast majority of consumers are still searching for a compelling value proposition. By targeting specific groups known to yield high levels of household technology, Myra hopes to reach college students, their older, more independent millennial counterparts seeking the latest tech gadgets, and wealthy suburbanites seeking luxury home products.

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